repeat after me: "I will no longer allow fear or failure, imperfection or embarrasment to stop me from living my life. I am fearless, full of wonder & a human with unlimited potential. my mind will no longer bound me. instead, I will transform that power from negativity in to growth , transformation & positive change. today I will be the person I want to be. no excuses" 

after all,

 we are all light living in a shell of flesh and bones.

Compassion is my compass. I strive to live a conscious life that is aligned

with my values, and to share these values with my children. I want to help create a kind and sustainable world for all of our children, and this beautiful SVF community not only helps us now, but gives me hope for the future. Through the friendships, support and experiences in this community, we have learned that we are not alone. There are so many other children and families living with the same love and respect for animals and nature

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