Mo., 14. Okt. | Lebenshof ZuKUHnft

Potluck & NEC Workshop at Lebenshof ZuKUHnft (1)

A special opportunity to enjoy a vegan potluck on a meat & dairy farm that became a beautiful cow sanctuary in 2017. Among the new friends you will meet are the 50+ cows who can live their life in peace and show how others how kind the future can be.
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Potluck & NEC Workshop at Lebenshof ZuKUHnft (1)

Zeit & Ort

14. Okt. 2019, 11:00 – 15:00
Lebenshof ZuKUHnft, Hüeblistrasse 99, 8636 Wald, Schweiz

Über den Event

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"It is a big step, a step towards a caring, peaceful and sustainable agriculture for humans and animals. A step in the preservation and beautification of our wonderful planet for our children and child-children. A step for the protection of more than 50 cows from the premature death by us humans." (source:, translated into English)

Join us for our first potluck at the cow farm of the future, Lebenshof Zukuhnft. We will enjoy delicious plant-based food that we share with each other, see the cows, and have the opportunity to join a children's workshop organised by The New Earth Tribe. 

Why do we host monthly potlucks? We want to create a supportive community where both parents and children can meet others who share similar values, ask each other for help and build friendships.  

How do our potlucks work? Every family brings enough vegan food for about 4 people or the size of your family (if your family is bigger). If you love to cook, show us your vegan awesomeness and if you can't, then bring along some snacks from the supermarket. You are also more than welcome to bring your favourite juices or plant-based drinks. If you aren't vegan, we would love for you to join and ask that all dishes be free of animal products including honey, gelatin, shellac, eggs, and dairy. We will provide small labels to note what dish you brought and state if it contains gluten, soy or nuts. 

We will collect 10.- CHF per adult at the beginning of the Potluck to donate to the farm, with a small portion going to cover the group administrative costs. Please also take your own reusable dishes (plates, cutlery and cups) with you to share in the set up and clean up. 

We look forward to seeing those we know and welcoming new families to our community!


"Es ist ein grosser Schritt, ein Schritt in Richtung einer fürsorglichen, friedlichen und nachhaltigen Landwirtschaft für Mensch und Tier. Ein Schritt für die Bewahrung und Verschönerung unseres wundervollen Planeten für unsere Kinder und Kindes-Kinder. Ein Schritt für den Schutz von über 50 Kühen vor dem viel zu frühen Tod durch uns Menschen." (

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