Kids Yoga in the Orchard at Hof Narr

The sun was shining and the mood was just right for an open air yoga session under the fruit trees in Hof Narr's orchard. Many of the parents joined in and got to act like silly kids again, waving their "tails" in downward dog while barking like nobody cared. Thank you for making it so much fun!

We went on an imaginary adventure into the jungle, first imagining we were on a ship sailing to reach the jungle. We lay down on our "wooden planks", and closed our eyes so that could better feel our bodies. After doing some deep breaths to smell the salty ocean air, we loaded our bodies up with energy by singing Om, just like the sound of the ship's horn.

Once on land, we greeted the sun with sun salutations and then found ourselves at a river. We built bridges with partners to cross the river and discovered lots of beautiful jungle animals on the other side. We shaped our bodies into butterflies and cobras and parrots, among others, and then were lucky to find a big stone to rest on. At the end of our journey we found a cave that we had to pass through in order to return to our boot. We lay down again on our "wooden planks" for a final relaxation, feeling the warmth and beauty of the sun shining above.

Thank you for all of the beautiful families who helped make this such a fun and easygoing yoga experience! I hope to make more memories like this together in the near future :-).

If you would like to learn more about the regular yoga classes I teach, you can find me at @GrowingHeartsSwitzerland or

May you be happy, healthy & peaceful,


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