May Potluck at Hof Narr Sanctuary

Dear Families, we have had a lot of wonderful potlucks, but we thank you for making this one of the most easygoing and enjoyable potlucks yet! We saw lots of new faces among the regulars who come every month. The kids played so peacefully and happily together all afternoon, leaving us adults time to talk with both new and old friends.

The kids especially enjoyed watching the ponies and horses being groomed, learning how to hold a chicken, and spending time with the goats.

Several of the families ending up staying until the end of the day, with a few strong men and kids helping Georg collect hay from the field and load it into the barn.

Thank you Sarah and Georg once again for hosting us, and for the families who so generously donated to support the animals at Hof Narr. As one of our 8-year old member said, "this was the BEST DAY EVER at Hof Narr"!

Much love,

Michelle & Louise

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