Potluck & Family Yoga

To all of the families who joined us at Hof Narr for Sunday's potluck, farm tour and family yoga class, thank you! More than half of the families were new to our potlucks and new to the wonderful Hof Narr animal sanctuary. Our youngest member was 11 days new!

What better way to get to know each other than to share a meal together with a variety of homemade dishes, a tour to learn more about Hof Narr's animals and factory farming, and playtime during family yoga.

During the tour, we learned about how intelligent turkeys, chickens, goats and pigs are, and how each is aware of its own existence in time and space. When a turkey eats from your hand or you see how comfortable your child feels hugging a giant and gentle pig, there is no question that these are sentient beings.

Later in yoga, we sat on our mats under a shady tree in the orchard, which happened to be near the pig's large outdoor space. We learned about the sanskrit word Ahimsa, non-harming, which in yoga and Indian traditions is a moral standard one should aim to live by. Ahimsa means showing respect for all living beings and avoiding violence towards others and ourselves.

We chanted Om 3 times to begin and end our class. Om is said to be the vibration of the universe, the frequency of energy that connects and joins all things together.

When Mimi, Tobi and Bo came out of their stall and walked all the way to the fence near the field to hear our group chanting Om, It was as if they instinctively knew the simple truth that so many humans still haven't figured out; We are all connected, we are all ONE, just in different shapes and forms.

Let's practice Ahimsa every.single.day and inspire others to do the same.

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