Thanksgiving with the Turkeys

In October we were grateful to be invited to collaborate with Hello Vegan and Hof Narr for a very special Thanksgiving with the Turkeys. Hello Vegan and Hof Narr organised an amazing buffet with a wide variety of delicious Thanksgiving-inspired dishes and held a beautiful ceremony for the turkeys.

Swiss Vegan Families coordinated the decorations, making lanterns out of upcycled jars and leaves from the forest and creating a spooky Halloween barn. Many of our members brought decorated pumpkins to add to the atmosphere. TheNewEarthTribe organised a scavenger hunt, which ended in the kids making turkeys out of balloons and paper feathers.

We celebrated Thanksgiving together with the 3 rescued turkeys Bubu, Lulu und Hailey. It seems very hypocritical to celebrate thanks and a good harvest by eating a turkey carcass, which is what people traditionally do on Thanksgiving. It's time to make new traditions that incorporate compassion, sustainability and awareness of our impact on our Earth and fellow Earthlings.

Meeting these 3 turkeys leaves no doubt that they are individuals with personalities, emotions and a will to live. After enjoying our plant-based feast beside the goat and pig stalls, we participated in a beautiful ceremony for the turkeys to thank them for enriching our lives through their emotions and kindness. They are ambassadors for the compassionate lifestyle, showing everyone who comes to Hof Narr their intelligence and wish to interact with humans.

We would love for this to become an annual event, and for even more of you to participate next year! It was truly a unique and wonderful afternoon.

Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with us! The temperatures might have been freezing, but our hearts were warm :-).

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